Director BIO: Remo Fritzsche

Director Biography

Portrait rf bto shooting

Remo Fritzsche was born in 1990 in Switzerland. After finishing his education as an IT professional, he started working as a freelance director, cinematographer and composer.

Director Statement

Approaching «Be the One» has been one of my biggest steps so far.

In spring 2015, lead singer Ramon Margharitis called me concerning a new music
video for his band «Manolo Panic». He had a basic story in mind where two of the
band’s musicians would rob the two other ones, all of it while a band of
scantily dressed girls mimics playing the song. For the next few days,
creativity ran wild for both of us and a script was ready a few weeks later.

What first started as a run-and-gun shoot quickly turned into a full-blown music
video production as ideas chased ideas. The preproduction time was consequently
very tough and required us to hire and coordinate a team of over 40 people.

Thankfully, I received a lot of help from my friend and producer Jean-Chris
Oberholzer who could pull the necessary strings in order to organize crew, cast and props almost insanely quick. In just about 4 weeks, the whole project took shape and we were ready to shoot.

Shooting took place in 3 hardworking days. Due to last-minute rejections of some
cast members and extras, the production team had to perform very agile planing
during the shoot. We even had to employ crew members as extras.

As the film lives and thrives through countless side stories and background action, many shots involved a big number of actors on-screen and required very careful staging and lighting. In tight collaboration with Gaffer Jaime Arnez, we strived to get out the most beautiful picture we could manage out of every shot.

This has been my first time staging fights and I had to screen countless action
film scenes for preparation. As all stunts were performed by the actors themselves, we had to employ a high level of caution and work in a very careful way.

Real intense was shooting the scene where lead singer Ramon Margharitis drags our a prostitute by her hair. I’ve requested this scene to be enormously loud on set which caused a very realistic feeling even during the shot. This was the part where I had to be tremendously careful not to push any of the actors too far and cause them to break.

Post production took place in an iterative process where I would show countless
revisions of the edit to the band and other reviewers and receive valuable feedback along each step.

Looking back at this production, I’m very happy with what we achieved but also eager
to approach a next project with everything I’ve learned.

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