Read Poem: Silhouette’ s Shawdow, by T.L. Walker

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I sent upon the sand a dream a night of you.

The ocean it’s dance upon the midnight so blue.

Magic the sea It whispers to me another world

Paradise the ocean vast so deep

Waves they Ponder creeping and so slow at pace.

The flow of the air gently hits my face.

White squalls, a storm to move in pretty soon.

The water so peaceful underneath the bright lit moon.

Come take me in it whispers in my ear.

Your skin upon me speaking to me so clear.

His dark silhouette under the moon,

Tonight will we will forget as waves crash upon us soon.

I begin to walk slowly toward the water I will go.

My body in slow motion to hold him I know.

His back towards me his head to the sky.

His body, his strength, and shoulders broad so wide.

My lips to hold a…

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