Short Film: GAMES WE PLAY, 9min., Denmark, Drama

We follow Johan, an 11-years old boy through a sunny day with his two friends, Felix and Clara. The three kids find a dead bird on the street. Johan, our main character, has the idea for a funeral. They go to a forest near by to search for other dead animals and find a dead mouse. They end up arranging a funeral for the dead animals. The funeral happens in a playful manner. Johan and Felix have a competitive friendship. They both want to impress Clara and prove themselves. Later, the kids walk out of the forest to a field. Before that the tension between Johan and Felix has grown. At a field they pass by, stands an old bathtub full of water. Felix suddenly puts his head under water to see how long he can hold his breath. After that he brags about the time he could hold his breath. Feeling the pressure of Felix and Clara’s attention, Johan decides to go under water as well. Johan gives it a second try. This time Felix pushes him down. He is trying to humiliate him and doesn’t let go. A fight develops while Johan is under water. Clara interrupts the situation, but Johan doesn’t raise his head out of the water. Later, Clara and Felix walk alone through the forest. Further away from them walks Johan. He takes a different path than the others. He wanders back to the animal’s graves from before. Johan destroys them and walks back into the forest. The film deals with the discovery of self-mortality, exploring death through kids’ eyes and playful interpretation of adult rituals.

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