Director Biography – Eleonora Ivone (OPEN YOUR LIPS)

Cb912b6d84 headshot

Roman, she was trained as an actress by following several acting schools and stages:
Actor’s Studio method with Susan Strasberg (1995),
Stanislavskji method with Russian teacher C. Dolganov (1994),
Student of actresses and teachers Fulvia Mammi and Elsa Polverosi (1993-1998)
Acting school directed by Beatrice Bracco (1996),
Steges with Susan Strasberg (1997)
Stages with Greta Seacat (2000-2001) teacher of the actor’s New York studio.
She has been the testimonial of many commercials in Italy, Europe and the USA.
She is a screenwriter with Angelo Longoni and director of the short film “OPEN LE LIPS” on the subject of child abuse.
The film, presented at the Venice Film Festival and at the Rome Festival, was received with great interest and is participating in numerous national and international festivals and to date has won the following awards:
Terra di Siena Film Festival – Award for the best first film
Festival of Peoples and Religions of Terni – Award for Best Screenplay and Soundtrack

Director Statement

“OPEN YOUR LIPS” is my first short film, my first director. I did it with the will to use cinema in its most important function: the social denunciation. To give voice to all those children who could not speak.

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