Short Film: ANOMALY 4, 19min., UK, Experimental/Animation

There is no singular way to sum up this work. It does not really want to be explained by an elucidating text; it wants to rest in the medium that shapes it. It does not follow a convention of story telling that governs cinema. What it does follow is a freewheeling set of associations and the vagaries of our interpretations of events. As a construct it wants to be like consciousness might really be … fragmented, discontinuous, oscillating, driven to constructing false cause and effect narratives from endless occurrences that ultimately have no clear singular causal reason.

Yet one thing seems to lead to another.

We could say about this film “An alien form studies the earthlings from its spaceship. It conceives of dance as a language that seems to be have a truth lacking in human writing and speaking. It is bewildered by the contradictory nature of the conventions that govern humankind – of their own making. It has more trust in animals. It sees the politics of a dance by Leni Riefenstahl performed on an island off Germany – an island swapped with Zanzibar …causing an Omani Princess to escape to Germany.

But everything is entangled not just by a singular flapping of a butterfly wing.

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