Director BIO: Peter Lavery (TEQUILA DRIVE)

Peter Lavery is a 23-year-old talented up-and-coming writer/director. Peter was born in Dublin, Ireland where at the age of 16 he set up his first business running nightclub events for under 18’s on D’Olier Street in Dublin city centre and worked as a DJ all over Ireland. After the Leaving Cert he bought and ran a successful café in his hometown of Dun Laoghaire for over two years.

But in 2019 Peter made the choice to follow his love and passion for story and decided to move to London, UK in order to pursue his career in writing and film. In September of that year, he commenced his studies at the MetFilm School, Ealing.

With producers in both Ireland and the UK reading his episodic series & feature length scripts, the future is sure to be bright for Peter.

In June of 2021 Peter co-founded the production company Apollo Studios. Through which he hopes to release his debut feature film in 2022.

Director Statement

Born and raised in Dublin I grew up around storytellers and learned the power of a story. So, one night in my London flat during an episode of homesickness I sat down with the soundtrack of my teenage years and began to remember long summer evenings with my friends, absorbing the sights, sounds, and smells of Dublin nightlife. Through that I began to write a story that I hoped would capture the ‘lightning in a bottle’ moments I had on those summer nights.

Tequila Dream is a coming-of-age story about romance, nightclub culture, and the importance of friendship.

I was blessed with knowing instantly when I saw the tapes for the three leads; Jordan, Brydie & Joe, that they were perfect for the role. As a director, I had a very collaborative relationship with the actors and encouraged them to bring their perspectives to the scenes, and probably my favorite part of the Tequila Dream journey was exploring and playing with these characters and finding their individual voices.

I only ever write something I myself would want to watch, and Tequila Dream is no exception.

The script-to-screen journey could only be made possible with the help of the talented and dedicated creative team who worked hard on Tequila Dream, and to them, I am eternally grateful.

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