A showcase of the winning DIVERSITY Festival Feature Film from 2022.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

FAGGOTS, 72min., Switzerland, Experimental
Directed by Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki, Patrycja Planik

The mysterious virus ‘Exit 884’ has decimated the human population and, for reasons unknown to science, has spared the lives of homosexual men only. Earth’s last surviving woman, Maria Magdalena Wysocka, commonly known as Pink Mama, activist of the Rainbow Over Nations movement and acclaimed LGBT warrior, has passed away. Her death marks the beginning of a new era: The Era of Faggots. The farewell party at the former gay club ‘Malibu’, is orchestrated by Erna, who used to clean Her Ladyship Pink Mama’s house. From dusk till dawn, Pink Mama’s friends celebrate and honor her life at a table laid out with vodka, herring, pickles, and russian salad. However, there is a deadly secret hidden behind all the mourning, a secret, that they would rather forget. The nightmare returns.

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Director Biography – Dominik Wojciech Krawiecki, Patrycja Planik

Patrycja Planik-Photographer, visual artist, actress, cinematographer. She studied photography in PWSFTViT in Lodz. She co-created an independent contemporary dance festival in Poland: The International Maat Festival. She produced and created Dance.doc short-form documentaries about dancers connected to this festival. The project was realized in Poland, Japan, and Israel. Her work was conducted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, CRICOTEKA- Center for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor and The International Maat Festival. She cooperated, among others, with the Nowy Theater Kazimierz Dejmek in Łódź, Teatr Nowy in Poznań and TR Warszawa. She created the blog: “Do not spoil your body with nudity.” An ironic comment on the polish politicians’ strong stand against art projects contains nudity. In 2016 she was casted for the tittle role in Andreas Horvath’s feature film Lillian. In 2019 she received the prize for the Best Female Performance (Blue Angel) at the 27th Art Film Festival in Slovakia. Patrycja Płanik produced the film “Faggots” in 2020 with Dominik Krawiecki and Sławek Bendrat. This is her film debut as Cinematographer and Co-Director.

AWARDS: The Blue Angel for Best Female Performance At The 27th Art Film Festival Kosice 2019.Seymour Cassel Award for Best Actress At The 26th Oldenburg Film Festival 2019.Defiance Fuel Geraldine Page Award for Best Actress At The 14th Method Independent Film Festival 2020.

Dominik Krawiecki -Artistic director, director, actor, teacher, dramaturgist comes from Wrocław, Poland. He trained as an actor at the Theatre Academy in his hometown, and also studied drama at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Dominik Krawiecki founded the Off-Theater “Zakład Krawiecki,” which plays today with much success. He has also appeared several times as a director and participant in national and international theater festivals and competitions. He embodied roles in Poland, Germany, Switzerland and France in their respective national languages. From beginning his career as an actor and director Dominik Krawiecki began working in the field of dance theater. This created many productions in collaboration with Sławek Bendrat. In 2011 he founded PINK MAMA THEATRE with Sławek Bendrat. Over the past 10 years Dominik has been Director, Producer and Actor in 18 Premieres of PINK MAMA THEATRE productions. The film “Faggots” (2020) is his film directorial debut in collaboration with Patricia Płanik and Sławek Bendrat.

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