January 2019 European Festival Videos






Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterTEA & COFFEE, 9min., UK, Drama/Family

festival posterGAMES WE PLAY, 9min., Denmark, Drama

festival posterSHOT FIRED, 7min, France, Drama/Family

festival posterSOCKS, 9min., Czech Republic, Comedy

festival posterTHE SON OF A MATADOR, 11min., Belgium, Drama/Family

festival posterTHE BOY WITH THE TEDDY, 14min., Germany, Drama/Family

festival posterBREAKDOWN, 10min., France, Comedy/Crime

The theme of the January 2019 FEMALE Directors Feedback Film Festival in Toronto was “Childhood Experiences”.

Each film was about children living the experience, adults remembering their childhood experiences, or an adult being a child in adhulthood.

The 2nd event of the Toronto festivals in 2019.

28 more festivals to go in Toronto this year.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

Director BIO: Alessandro Schuster (THE BOY WITH THE TEDDY)

Director Biography – Alessandro Schuster

Ea05f3cba5 headshot

Born in 2002 in Berlin, Alessandro Schuster is a German actor and young filmmaker. He has appeared in a variety of films and TV productions since 2015, including the short film “Hardships of a Youth”, which has been shown at many festivals, but also in guest roles in series as “Der Lehrer”, “Magda macht das schon”, “SOKO Leipzig”, “Letzte Spur Berlin” or “In aller Freundschaft”. Mainly, he is known for “Tatort Dresden”, in which he is playing the son of Commissioner Gorniak since the first episode. He also produces his own short films. His first was nominated for the Camgaroo Award in 2016. In 2017, he produced his latest short film, “Der Junge mit dem Teddy”, writing the screenplay, directing and appearing in a guest role all himself.

Director BIO: Francisco Palomar Custance (THE SON OF A MATADOR)

Director Biography – Francisco Palomar Custance

Be2121563f headshot

Francisco Palomar Custance, born in Genk in 1963 in Limburg of Spanish parents but grew up in Frameries in Hainaut.
Francisco is still of Spanish nationality. At almost 20 years old and after training as a comedian and mime at Parallaxe in Brussels, he landed in Paris, did internships and shows at the Lucernaire theater with Jean-Jacques Dulong, followed by a stint at the Florent class.

In Paris, through theater classes, he discovers the direction of actors and parallels street performances. He is passionate about mime and improvisation, which he will then pursue in the street with passion, for more than twenty years and in many European and Asian cities.

Director BIO: Greg Tudéla (BREAKDOWN)

Director Biography – Greg Tudéla


Director :

2016 : Pétage (short-film)
2016 : Sketches French Foot Federation, DELASOURCE Production
2016 : KARLITO (film for Fendi), ELLE international Production (PIXAWAY PRODUCTION)
2015 : OUT (short-film)
2015 : PROJET GEM : Web serie for TOTAL (TOUT OUIE Production)
2015 : Web serie for Banque Populaire (TOUT OUIE Production)
2015 : Advertising KIT and COCO (webcast)
2014: La gueule de l’emploi by Constance & D.Mourier, 35 sketches (Téva Tv)
2013 : Web series « Jean-Pierre Bienferre » for La Banque Postale
2012 : Trav’Elle Guide (NY-LONDON-MILAN-PARIS), web series for ELLE Int.
2009-2010 : « T‘as rien de mieux à faire ? », 40 Sketches (Youhumour diffusion)
2007: Les Folles inventions du Professeur Cogito. 27 episodes. (Gulli tv)
2007-08: « A chacun son rythme », 50 episodes (M6 tv)
2006: Corporate film « Pulsion S-Max » for Ford.
2006: « Un nom, une adresse » (short-film), Grand Prize of 48h Film Festival.
2006: « Un toit, c’est tout », 20 episodes, Fondation Abbé Pierre. (TF1 – M6)
2003: Deuxième chance (short-film) with Armelle Deutsch.
2002: P.froid (short-film), Canal Plus.

Screenwriter : 

2016 : Triptyque (Play) et Pétage (short-film)
Since 2014 : Commissariat Central (sketch comedy for M6) Kabo productions
2015 : Une nuit d’amour (film)
2013-14 : PEPS’ (sketch comedy) for Ango Productions. TF1
2007: Les folles inventions du Professeur Cogito. (27 episodes). Gulli.
2002-2003: Deuxième chance & P.froid (short-films). Canal Plus.
2001-2002: Showrunner of Fort Boyard. FRANCE 2.
2000-2002: Showrunner of Minikeums. FRANCE 3.

JUNE 2018 EUROPEAN Films & Screenplays

Submit via FilmFreeway:

festival poster01, 7min., Germany, Experimental/Animation

festival posterTWICE UPON A TIME, 14min., Serbia, Animation/Fantasy

festival posterLAND OF MINE, 4min., Germany, Experimental

festival posterWHERE AM I – COLACOASTER, 3min., Italy/Austria, Music Video

festival posterSUNFLOWER SUTRA, 4min., Netherlands, Music Video

festival posterTROUBLE, 3min., Austria, Music Video

festival posterSUPPLE HEARTS, 5min., UK, Experimental

festival posterHAUL, 5min., Czech Republic, Music Video

festival posterBURIED, 14min., UK, Thriller/War

festival posterAINHOA, 19min, Spain, Drama/Thriller

festival posterSTREAM OF DOUBTS, 11min., France, Drama/Fantasy

festival posterMEASURE, 2min, UK, Horror/Drama

festival posterLIFE ON MARS, 16min., Spain, Drama

festival posterVINDICTE, 26min., Germany, Drama/Family

festival posterTHE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama

festival posterSTALKER, 7min., Czech. Republic, Horror/Thriller

Director BIO: Ivan Sainz-Pardo (AINHOA)

Director Biography – Ivan Sainz-Pardo

502dde45d6 headshot


Ivan holds a degree in film and television by the prestigious Munich Film School (HFF München). He works as director and screenwriter in film and advertising and also as Consultant Content in the international image stock company Framepool.

He has won more than 200 Awards at film festivals around the world, an Academy Award (Oscar) pre-nomination, GOYA 2018 prenomination, Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis nomination, and Best European Short Award at the International Fantasy Film Festival of Brussels.
He received also the “Shocking Shorts Award” for which he was invited for a film master at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

His Screenplay “The Road of life” in cowriting with Juanjo Moscardó Ruis and Jorge Dorado was Finalist in Austin Film Festival 2016.

In the Notodofilmfest 2016 he won the Best Director Award. His short “SAVE” have already won more than 40 International Awards and more than 200 Official selections.

In International Film Festival of Gijón 2015, he won the Movistar+ Best Project Award for the screenplay of his new short Film “AINHOA”.
“AINHOA” has won Awards in International Film festival in Aguilar de Campoo, Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo, Aguacate Film Festival, Cortopatía, etc.