Director Biography – Marek Stoklosa (THIS, WHICH I HAVE)

Graduated from the Economics Academy of Krakow. From proffesion, a stockbroker – but in pursuit of a passion, a student of AMA Academy in Krakow. Aspiring to the role of a film director and screenwriter. Traveler, self-taught philosopher and a fan of the arthouse cinema, looking for inspiration in non-commercial films

Director Biography – Mehmet Tığlı (SPIZELLA)

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Mehmet Tığlı was born in İstanbul in 1970. He graduated from Marmara University in 1991. He completed cinema courses at İFSAK in 1989. He won best screenplay awards of Orhon Murat Arıburnu National Art Awards in 1992 and 1993. He was assigned as a jury member at many short-film festivals. Mehmet Tığlı is also Marketing and Communication lecturer at Marmara University since 1993.

His first short film ‘Twin Stars-İkiz Yıldızlar’ was shot in June, 2016. ‘Twin Stars’ was officially selected to 58 international festivals and won 22 awards until the end of 2017. His second film High Calorie-Yüksek Kalori was selected to 45 international festivals and won 24 awards until 2018. His third short film A Ferry Tale-Bir Vapur Masalı was officially selected to 97 international festivals and won 46 awards.

Director Statement

I believe in the power of independent and low-budget movies. I usually write my stories from the real life’s testimonials. Life is cinema…

Director Biography – Eleonora Ivone (OPEN YOUR LIPS)

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Roman, she was trained as an actress by following several acting schools and stages:
Actor’s Studio method with Susan Strasberg (1995),
Stanislavskji method with Russian teacher C. Dolganov (1994),
Student of actresses and teachers Fulvia Mammi and Elsa Polverosi (1993-1998)
Acting school directed by Beatrice Bracco (1996),
Steges with Susan Strasberg (1997)
Stages with Greta Seacat (2000-2001) teacher of the actor’s New York studio.
She has been the testimonial of many commercials in Italy, Europe and the USA.
She is a screenwriter with Angelo Longoni and director of the short film “OPEN LE LIPS” on the subject of child abuse.
The film, presented at the Venice Film Festival and at the Rome Festival, was received with great interest and is participating in numerous national and international festivals and to date has won the following awards:
Terra di Siena Film Festival – Award for the best first film
Festival of Peoples and Religions of Terni – Award for Best Screenplay and Soundtrack

Director Statement

“OPEN YOUR LIPS” is my first short film, my first director. I did it with the will to use cinema in its most important function: the social denunciation. To give voice to all those children who could not speak.

Director Biography – Ignacio Lasierra Pinto (FIRST COMMUNION)

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Ignacio Lasierra is PhD in Communication. He studied the Master of Script Fiction for Film & Television from the UPSA (Salamanca) and the Master in Film, Television and New Technologies from the URJC (Madrid). He has written and directed the short films: Al otro lado (2002), Rastro (2006), Salomón (2008), La granja (2011) and the short documentary Mi tío Ramón (2015). He has received numerous awards at various national and international festivals. Currently, he´s Lecturer and researcher at the San Jorge University (Spain).


Director Biography – Eileen BYRNE (TOUCH ME)

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Born in Luxembourg to a German mother and a French-Scottish father, Eileen started co-writing and directing her first plays and musicals as a teenager. After her baccalaureate at the European School she started to work as a trainee on several film and theatre productions in Luxembourg. She went on to study Performing Arts at the University of Winchester and theatre, music and history of art at Munich University, while continuing to work as a script supervisor, 3rd assistant director and production assistant on a regular basis. In 2007 she started her studies of film directing at the University of television and film in Munich, during which she spent one year at the Toulouse film school where she was awarded an additional Master’s degree in directing. Whilst studying she made several short films which were selected for festivals in a variety of countries around the world and co-wrote three feature films (one of which was released in 2012). As a result of her mixed background, she likes to work in several languages and often deals in her movies with the subject of cultural identity in particular, but also themes like family and identity in general.
„What remains“ is her final year project at the University of Television and Film Munich. She is currently developing two feature films.

January 2019 European Festival Videos






Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterTEA & COFFEE, 9min., UK, Drama/Family

festival posterGAMES WE PLAY, 9min., Denmark, Drama

festival posterSHOT FIRED, 7min, France, Drama/Family

festival posterSOCKS, 9min., Czech Republic, Comedy

festival posterTHE SON OF A MATADOR, 11min., Belgium, Drama/Family

festival posterTHE BOY WITH THE TEDDY, 14min., Germany, Drama/Family

festival posterBREAKDOWN, 10min., France, Comedy/Crime

The theme of the January 2019 FEMALE Directors Feedback Film Festival in Toronto was “Childhood Experiences”.

Each film was about children living the experience, adults remembering their childhood experiences, or an adult being a child in adhulthood.

The 2nd event of the Toronto festivals in 2019.

28 more festivals to go in Toronto this year.

See you at the festivals.

– Matthew Toffolo

Director BIO: Alessandro Schuster (THE BOY WITH THE TEDDY)

Director Biography – Alessandro Schuster

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Born in 2002 in Berlin, Alessandro Schuster is a German actor and young filmmaker. He has appeared in a variety of films and TV productions since 2015, including the short film “Hardships of a Youth”, which has been shown at many festivals, but also in guest roles in series as “Der Lehrer”, “Magda macht das schon”, “SOKO Leipzig”, “Letzte Spur Berlin” or “In aller Freundschaft”. Mainly, he is known for “Tatort Dresden”, in which he is playing the son of Commissioner Gorniak since the first episode. He also produces his own short films. His first was nominated for the Camgaroo Award in 2016. In 2017, he produced his latest short film, “Der Junge mit dem Teddy”, writing the screenplay, directing and appearing in a guest role all himself.

Director BIO: Francisco Palomar Custance (THE SON OF A MATADOR)

Director Biography – Francisco Palomar Custance

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Francisco Palomar Custance, born in Genk in 1963 in Limburg of Spanish parents but grew up in Frameries in Hainaut.
Francisco is still of Spanish nationality. At almost 20 years old and after training as a comedian and mime at Parallaxe in Brussels, he landed in Paris, did internships and shows at the Lucernaire theater with Jean-Jacques Dulong, followed by a stint at the Florent class.

In Paris, through theater classes, he discovers the direction of actors and parallels street performances. He is passionate about mime and improvisation, which he will then pursue in the street with passion, for more than twenty years and in many European and Asian cities.

Director BIO: Greg Tudéla (BREAKDOWN)

Director Biography – Greg Tudéla


Director :

2016 : Pétage (short-film)
2016 : Sketches French Foot Federation, DELASOURCE Production
2016 : KARLITO (film for Fendi), ELLE international Production (PIXAWAY PRODUCTION)
2015 : OUT (short-film)
2015 : PROJET GEM : Web serie for TOTAL (TOUT OUIE Production)
2015 : Web serie for Banque Populaire (TOUT OUIE Production)
2015 : Advertising KIT and COCO (webcast)
2014: La gueule de l’emploi by Constance & D.Mourier, 35 sketches (Téva Tv)
2013 : Web series « Jean-Pierre Bienferre » for La Banque Postale
2012 : Trav’Elle Guide (NY-LONDON-MILAN-PARIS), web series for ELLE Int.
2009-2010 : « T‘as rien de mieux à faire ? », 40 Sketches (Youhumour diffusion)
2007: Les Folles inventions du Professeur Cogito. 27 episodes. (Gulli tv)
2007-08: « A chacun son rythme », 50 episodes (M6 tv)
2006: Corporate film « Pulsion S-Max » for Ford.
2006: « Un nom, une adresse » (short-film), Grand Prize of 48h Film Festival.
2006: « Un toit, c’est tout », 20 episodes, Fondation Abbé Pierre. (TF1 – M6)
2003: Deuxième chance (short-film) with Armelle Deutsch.
2002: P.froid (short-film), Canal Plus.

Screenwriter : 

2016 : Triptyque (Play) et Pétage (short-film)
Since 2014 : Commissariat Central (sketch comedy for M6) Kabo productions
2015 : Une nuit d’amour (film)
2013-14 : PEPS’ (sketch comedy) for Ango Productions. TF1
2007: Les folles inventions du Professeur Cogito. (27 episodes). Gulli.
2002-2003: Deuxième chance & P.froid (short-films). Canal Plus.
2001-2002: Showrunner of Fort Boyard. FRANCE 2.
2000-2002: Showrunner of Minikeums. FRANCE 3.