OCTOBER 2018 EUROPEAN Films & Screenplays

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festival posterTHE PUPPETEER, 19min, UK, Drama/Crime festival posterISLAND, 2min., Germany, Animation

festival posterSAMBHALI TRUST, 10min, USA, Documentary

festival posterEILEEN AND I, 12min., UK, Documentary

festival posterTHE REVELATOR, 24min., Belgium, Thriller/Mystery

festival posterI CAN’T SLEEP, 3min, Ireland, Drama





SEPTEMBER 2018 EUROPEAN Films & Screenplays

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festival posterPLUS MINUS, 1min., Germany, Music Video

festival posterVACUUM, 5min, Switzerland, Dance

festival posterPEREGRINO – “O’DEATH”, 4min., Spain, Music Video

festival posterMIRRORS, 3min., Germany, Music Video

festival posterDNA OF WILD BEASTS, 18min., France, Drama/Comedy

festival posterNOVAA – MELODY OF NEED, 3min., Germany Animation/Music Video

festival posterBUT…SOMETIMES, 5min., UK, Experimental/Drama

AUGUST 2018 EUROPEAN Films & Screenplays

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festival posterPERSONA, 2min., UK, Animation/Experimental

festival posterWHAT IF, 16min., Germany, Sci-Fi/Romance

festival posterFIREFLIES, 3min., UK, Drama

festival posterAUGENBLICKE – A BLINK OF AN EYE, 4min., Animation/Drama

festival posterRIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN, 6min., Portugal, Drama

festival posterAXioMA, 15min., Italy, Drama

festival posterEAT JEREMY, 10min, UK, Comedy

International Festival Testimonial – August 18 2018

It felt weird to see strangers talking about my movie without me in the room ! It’s the first time I got to witness this. I was really happy about the last intervention, the last viewer really understood the subtext about control. It is the first time I hear someone clearly explain it; I was moved. I felt my voice had a meaning.

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JULY 2018 EUROPEAN Films & Screenplays

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festival posterDOWN TIME, 15min., France, Drama

festival posterJUST SAYING, 14min., UK, Drama/Dark Comedy

festival posterTHE CLIMB, 9min., UK, Drama

festival posterSISTER IN ARMS, 9min., UK, Crime/Drama

festival posterSNUG AS A BUG, 11min., UK, Comedy

festival posterHIGH CALORIE, 17min., Turkey, Family/Drama

festival posterTHE LAST GIRL, 13min., Denmark, LGBT/Romance

festival posterWHO I AM, 17min, UK, LGBT/Drama