THE SON OF A MATADOR Short Film – Audience Feedback European Festival Jan. 2019

THE SON OF A MATADOR, 11min., Belgium, Drama/Family

Directed by Francisco Palomar Custance

Rodrigo, 10 years old, son of Spanish immigrants, endowed with an artist’s soul, lacks landmarks. His only certainty is to be the son of a great matador.

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Director BIO: Francisco Palomar Custance (THE SON OF A MATADOR)

Director Biography – Francisco Palomar Custance

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Francisco Palomar Custance, born in Genk in 1963 in Limburg of Spanish parents but grew up in Frameries in Hainaut.
Francisco is still of Spanish nationality. At almost 20 years old and after training as a comedian and mime at Parallaxe in Brussels, he landed in Paris, did internships and shows at the Lucernaire theater with Jean-Jacques Dulong, followed by a stint at the Florent class.

In Paris, through theater classes, he discovers the direction of actors and parallels street performances. He is passionate about mime and improvisation, which he will then pursue in the street with passion, for more than twenty years and in many European and Asian cities.