Short Film: OPEN YOUR LIPS, 8min., Italy, Drama

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A story begun and never finished.
A story caused by the most ferocious instincts of the human being and that is repeated every day.
It is terrible but 85% of cases of pedophilia occur in the family.
Coming out of pain and guilt is impossible for an abused child. Even the years cure the wounds.
And what happens in the abused child’s brain? And above all how does that child become an adult? Sometimes the desire to do justice alone for those adult children is the only way to go.
For those who have suffered the worst wrongs “there is no forgiveness and there is no revenge” there is only the desperate need to go further.


Watch Audience FEEDBACK Video: GOLDEN LIGHT, 3min, Italy, Music Video

GOLDEN LIGHT, 3min, Italy, Music Video
Directed by Virgilio Villoresi

Music Video for Blonde Redhead’s latest single “Golden Light”

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Watch Audience FEEDBACK: BEYOND, 4min, Italy, Drama/Mystery

BEYOND, 4min, Italy, Drama/Mystery
Directed by Manuele MandolesiNight. Anonymous suburbs. A woman lies on the floor in a pool of blood. Two paramedics of Saint Mary’s Hospital are beside her. She’s a victim of violence by a wanted man. From the beginning and throughout the entire short film we will only see fragments of reality and sense external noises from the limbo of unconsciousness.

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Watch Audience Feedback Video: OTHERS LIKE YOU, 17min, Italy, Horror/Thriller

AUDIENCE FEEDBACK VIDEO from the April 2017 Film Festival:

  MOVIE POSTEROTHERS LIKE YOU, 17min, Italy, Horror/Thriller
Directed by Eugenio Villani

Ester is a woman who has a strong longing to get pregnant. Following a surgical procedure, though, Greta – her family doctor and long-standing friend – diagnoses her with total sterility.

Film Type:Short

Runtime:16 minutes 34 seconds

Completion Date:November 17, 2016

Production Budget:40,000 EUR

Country of Origin:Italy

Country of Filming:Italy

Film Language:Italian

Shooting Format:RED

Aspect Ratio:2.35

Film Color:Color

Watch Audience FEEDBACK: WEEKEND OF HEROES, 15min, Italy, Action/Crime


  MOVIE POSTERWEEKEND OF HEROES, 15min, Italy, Action/Crime
Directed by Francesco Bovino

Once a month, a bunch of dirty cops has a guys’ Weekend in an isolated manor in the countryside. Usually they divide their monthly loot, they play cards and they drink too much. But this time there is a betrayer among them.

Film Type:Short

Genres:action, thriller

Runtime:14 minutes 10 seconds

Completion Date:September 1, 2016

Production Budget:30 USD

Country of Origin:Italy

Country of Filming:Italy

Film Language:Italian

Shooting Format:Red

Aspect Ratio:2:35

Film Color:Color

First-time Filmmaker:No

Student Project:No

Watch Audience Feedback: MIDNIGHT SIGNS, 4min, Italy, Thriller/Animation


  MOVIE POSTERMIDNIGHT SIGNS, 4min, Italy, Thriller/Animation
Directed by Marino Guarnieri

In a small room overlooking the Bay of Naples, a young designer, suspended in time and in the night, faces the eternal struggle of the artist who tries to tame its instruments in order to use them as an extension of himself to express their imagination. In light of a magical moon, the conflict turns into a real battle, physical and symbolic.

Dream and reality mix with the black ink and the power of color, up to the realization that sign as a sign we approach more and more to become masters of our imagination.

In a dreamlike vision of enchanted moment in which today becomes tomorrow.

Project Title (Original Language):Mezzanotte di Segni

Film Type:Animation, Short

Genres:Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Runtime:3 minutes 40 seconds

Completion Date:May 29, 2015

Country of Origin:Italy

Shooting Format:Digital

Aspect Ratio:16:9

Film Color:Color